Bing to Rewrite Title Tags, Meta Descriptions Using AI

Bing will use AI to rewrite title tags & meta descriptions.

On November 15, Bing announced ‘Generative AI Captions.’ Essentially that means that Bing is now using AI to create search snippets. Bing says it will “enhance the user’s search journey and provide a more efficient browsing experience.“ Generative AI Captions will rewrite search snippets using GPT 4 (AI) to provide what Bing calls “highly relevant…

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3 Big Shifts Ahead for Digital Marketing in 2023

A racing track in red color with the numbers 123

This article first appeared in LinkedIn Pulse on 1/29/2023.3 Big Shifts Ahead for Digital Marketing in 2023 Digital Marketers have their work cut out for them in 2023. Along with their day-to-day responsibilities, there are three big ‘moving targets’ that we’ll need to keep an eye on and prepare to incorporate into our daily routines. …

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