Analyze Your Digital Presence Through Website and SEO Audits

Planning a website redesign? Engaging in a large-scale SEO project? Get a comprehensive evaluation of your website with an SEO audit.

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Want Your Website to Perform Better?

Many elements go into a successful website. Features both on and off the website affect performance, and performance affects results.

Site architecture, content, user experience and numerous best practices ensure your website will deliver results for your business. We'll identify the opportunities to improve your website's performance and develop a plan to implement and track efforts over time. 

See Your Website As the Search Engines See It...

Don't leave it to your developer to dictate how search engines index, read and display your website. 

How your website is programmed can have an impact on search engine success.

A complete SEO audit will survey factors that affect your website's search engine performance:

  • Identify & resolve issues related to indexing
  • Address errors and 404 pages
  • Assess technical SEO & core web vitals
  • Keyword usage
  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Page speed
  • Video optimization
  • User journey


"The comprehensive SEO audit of our website was phenomenal. The crawl alone consisted of 177,000 pages, Tim provided me with detailed reports of his findings and presented them on a PowerPoint during a video call so he could walk me through and explain everything. "

L.H., St. Cloud, MN

Competitor Analysis...

We can offer in-depth, digital competitive analysis to help you identify your online industry competitors and the tactics and channels they use to market themselves.

Along with attributes from the SEO audit, a Competitor Analysis will look more broadly into your competitors' digital marketing:

  • How your competitors generate traffic
  • Social media (paid and organic)
  • YouTube advertising
  • Keyword overlap & gap Analysis

Optimize Your Website for Success...

The results of our audits will identify the issues that negatively impact search opportunities and user experience.

Ready to see your website in a whole new way?

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