Understanding Website Performance: google analytics management

Tired of collating reports from various vendors? Wondering why social traffic is recorded in different channels? Want to create a story from your website data?

What do we mean by 'analytics management'?

Managing your analytics properties and reporting can seem a daunting task. Add in reports from your various vendors and you have a lot of disconnected data.

Multi-channel analytics data can be brought together to tell a story. 

If you are spending budget on digital marketing, understanding results is critical to assessing the value of your campaigns. 

Connecting the Digital Dots...

No digital channel works alone. That's why it is essential to understand how one channel influences another, which efforts deliver awareness vs. action, and how your campaign messaging is consumed across the purchase cycle.

Despite independent reporting from your various platforms and vendors, Google Analytics can become your single source of truth for website marketing and Google Looker Studio can help you visualize that data in realtime.

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